Our Woven Outdoor Furniture Story

The greatest challenge in manufacturing is the quality execution of the process from start to finish. We followed a few simple rules to help ensure the process could succeed;

  1. Select only the finest raw materials
  2. Gather a team of skilled artisans that take great pride in their work.
  3. Provide the artisans the tools they need to succeed in building the furniture the “old-fashioned” way, with great attention to detail.

We at IO Furnishings feel a tremendous obligation to continue to design and build only the very finest of furniture. We take great pride in evolving our styles and designs to today’s consumer’s tastes and trends to create a truly unique outdoor entertaining experience while never sacrificing the foundation of quality of which our company was built upon. All of our outdoor furniture is designed and engineered to withstand the harsh elements of Mother Nature. It begins with the selection of the finest raw materials. We have the finest specialized artisans in the world create every piece of furniture with the greatest attention to detail every step of the way. We then provide them with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to utilize…..the very same philosophy we have manufactured by for more than 20 years.

Please feel free to read more about our manufacturing philosophy to get to know us a little better.


Unparalleled Comfort

Take a seat and relax. We have utilized our vast experience in manufacturing over the last 20 years to make our outdoor furniture feel as comfortable as the furniture inside your home. We pay special attention to the ergonomics of each chair, specifically the comfort of the seat buckets and the incline and the curvature of the chair back. So please be sure to take a seat in what we believe to be the most comfortable chairs you’ll find and be prepared to make your next home gathering the best ever. As you relax, read more about what makes us unique as a manufacturer.

How the Design Comes to Life

Our designs start with a sketch inspired by furniture or architecture from around the world, created by incredible artisans that have left their mark in time over the course of centuries. From there, one of our CAD specialists brings the sketch to life in the form of a 3D CAD drawing.  The CAD then gets tweaked relentlessly by our designers and engineers until all parties believe they have achieved what they were looking for in the design.  

The CAD drawing, as scientific as it is, is then interpreted into art. Once the engineered drawings are printed into full scale patterns, our artisan’s get to the work and create each aluminum frame piece individually to match the original drawing. Each component is then masterfully assembled and welded to create an exact, full-scale replica of the sofa or chair frame. Once the replica is complete, the design and engineering team jumps back in to make all of the required adjustments to achieve the originally planned visual appeal, comfort, strength and scale of the furniture. Every detail is scrutinized. 

Once the frame is approved by the design team it is moved to the weaving department where specialists utilize their years of experience to begin the intricate weaving process around the aluminum frame. Every virgin vinyl strand is scrutinized by the design team for finish color accuracy prior to the start of the weave process to ensure the sample matches their vision. Our designers, engineers and artisans work in harmony to ensure every required adjustment is made to the furniture piece prior to creating the permanent sample required for production. 

When your Goal is to create the Finest Outdoor Furniture Available in the World, You must First Begin with the Finest of Raw Materials

The selection of raw materials is critical to yielding products that meet the high quality standards IO Furnishings has established and relentlessly enforces.

Creating a Sub Frame

We have selected pure Aluminum Alloys as our raw material of choice for all of our furniture frame collections. This specific material is paramount in creating top-quality outdoor furniture. Pure aluminum is without a doubt one of the finest raw materials available today for manufacturing high-quality outdoor furniture for a number of reasons:

Sustainability: It is environmentally safe. Aluminum is one of the few raw materials that can be 100% recycled without losing any of its original properties.

  • It can be used to create intricate detailing options, enabling the furniture to be designed with a dynamic, yet elegant style and feel.
  • It does not rust so it is virtually maintenance free; it is rust proof! No more orange rust stains on your patio!
  • It is light-weight but still very durable. Cast aluminum pieces are substantial enough to withstand high-wind weather conditions, yet light enough to be moved easily when entertaining.

The Paint Finish

A key step of the manufacturing process

The finish helps protect the aluminum from the elements. In preparation for the finish, the furniture is sandblasted to “etch” the aluminum, which allows for maximum adhesion of the base-coat. We now begin the “IOP” process (Purification Process) the furniture travels on an automated conveyor through several proprietary stages, pre-wash baths that clean, etch, and rinse the furniture to remove all impurities from the manufacturing process and human handling. The conveyor then moves the frames through an oven for preheat prior to the painting process. From the oven, the furniture continues its automated travel into the powder-coating booths, where “IOPA” (a specially formulated polyester powder) is sprayed onto the frames to become the finish base-coat.  Powder-coating is an electrostatic process, which requires the frame and the powder to be charged with opposite charges.  In this case, the furniture is charged negatively while positively-charged polyester powder is sprayed on the furniture.  The two opposite charges attract each other and cause the powder to evenly cling to the frame; covering every detail on the piece. Once the powder has been applied, the furniture travels back through the oven for the second time to cure the powder and permanently bond it to the frame. 

The Frame’s Finishing Touch is All-Weather Wicker

All IO Furnishings vinyl weave is 100% virgin vinyl and has no added clay “fillers”, this ensures that our vinyl will remain soft and pliable through many years of use. 


  • The high-density polyethylene resin used to create our weave is non-toxic and safe for the environment. 
  • It is antimicrobial, a quality that helps prohibit the growth of fungus and mildew.
  • UV inhibitors are added to our resin to help protect it from sun damage and prevent excessive fading.

Our virgin vinyl weave is typically demanded by resorts and commercial applications.

Our Fabric Selection

There are many types of fabrics available for use on outdoor furniture, IO Furnishings cushions are manufactured using only the highest quality IO designer fabrics. 

They are 100% solution-died acrylics with color fastness that will last for years and years. In fact, the materials are so embedded with the color (dye) that they can be cleaned with a light bleach/water solution. (See cleaning instructions for more detail later in this document.) This material and process is the same that is used on store awnings and boat canvases throughout the world. It can withstand the harshest of environments and can be easily cleaned to look great year after year if properly maintained. 

Comfort and the Inner Core!

We think the furniture outside your home should be as comfortable as the furniture inside your home, so we go to great lengths to be certain that is absolutely the case. Designing the correct cushion fit to the frame is where we begin. Not too tall, too short, too thin, too thick, but just right! 

Our state of the art IO cushions are constructed from multiple layers of 100% polyester fiber. Each cushion is hydrophobic (drains and dries more easily), hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and does not mildew. The defining characteristic is in our dual-core system. The inner core (support layer) is made from primarily conjugated polyester fiber – a three dimensional crimp in the fibers which significantly increases the resiliency of the batting. Due to its resiliency, conjugated polyester batting has taken the place of polyurethane foam in many applications. The outer core is silicone-treated “slick” polyester batting. Sandwiched between the outer wrap and the conjugated inner core, this layer is responsible for the “soft landing” prior to sinking through to the support of the inner core, greatly enhancing the comfort of the seat.

Thank you for your consideration, we hope you enjoyed our quick journey through our manufacturing process and can now make a more informed decision on your outdoor investment.