Cabana Dining Group


Great Gatherings Cabana 100” X 39” Rectangular Dining Group Collection
The Cabana collection offers the ultimate in outdoor living. The stunningly woven Dining Chair is styled in a spectacular finish color for today’s buyer and is joined with the finest of quality teak dining tables to create a combination that satisfies the most discerning of decorators!

The Cabana Dining Group is a statement that is certain to make your guests a bit envious with its beautiful design features and undeniable quality. All Great Gatherings vinyl furniture is made with 100% virgin vinyl and has no added “fillers.” This ensures that our vinyl will remain soft and pliable through many years of use and will hold its shape. UV inhibitors are added to protect from sun damage and prevent excessive fading. All of our vinyl furniture features welded all-aluminum frames that are corrosion-resistant and extremely durable.
The set includes eight extraordinary dining chairs designed to emulate the comfort of your favorite dining furniture inside your home. All chairs tout their own comfortable outdoor cushions eloquently designed to enhance the beauty of the frame finish and the stunning design elements of the frame itself.
Our state of the art seat cushions are constructed from multiple layers of 100% polyester fiber. Each cushion is hydrophobic (drains and dries more easily), hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and does not mildew. The defining characteristic is in our dual-core system. The inner core (support layer) is made from primarily conjugated polyester fiber – a three dimensional crimp in the fibers which significantly increases the resiliency of the batting. Due to its resiliency, conjugated polyester batting has taken the place of polyurethane foam in many applications. The outer core is silicone-treated “slick” polyester batting. Sandwiched between the outer wrap and the conjugated inner core, this layer is responsible for the “soft landing” prior to sinking through to the support of the inner core, greatly enhancing the comfort of the seat.

Additionally, the stunning 100” X 39” rectangular Teak dining tables is made from sustainably-grown and FSC certified premium teak. Teak is ideal for outdoor furniture because of its high oil content, inherent strength and tight grain. Teak is naturally resistant to decay and doesn’t get brittle with age, adding to its capacity to withstand climate and environmental changes.

The Cabana Dining Group is designed to maximize your entertainment enjoyment in your outdoor living space!


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